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Discussion: The Rose Garden and White House happenings: “Awoke” in the Land of Nod

I'm pretty much still in the same place I was last time this came up -- unclear on what utility trying trying to gauge how "racist" a country the US is when we know the country has a racial caste system that hinders and oppresses its citizens. If one admits that "we have a long way to go" on race, then I struggle to understand how it's at all relevant how one answers the question of "is the US a racist country."

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Discussion: The Rose Garden and White House happenings: “Awoke” in the Land of Nod

I guess it's Projection day for the Gaslight Obfuscate Project party.

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Discussion: Apothecarium Maplewood opens today May 7!

ridski said:


 To be blunt, it does look like a nice joint.

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Discussion: The Rose Garden and White House happenings: “Awoke” in the Land of Nod

Smedley said:

nohero said:

Smedley said:

nohero said:

It's a b u l l s h i t question.  It's usually asked by someone who wants to use the answer to go off on their own tangent, such as "How could a racist country elect Barack Obama?" etc.

Nobody should answer "yes" or "no" to a question that uses such a vaguely-defined term as "racist country".  

Being more specific with language makes the opponents of antiracism uncomfortable.  For example, the question "Is systemic racism still a problem in our country" can be more easily answered, and even the election of an African American president doesn't show that systemic racism has been "solved". 

Ok, but politicians are notorious for not directly answering questions, and Biden and Harris both answered directly. So they didn't seem to think it was a b u l l s h i t question.  

Point me to their responses, on which you based your statement, and then I'll decide whether your most recent response is accurate or not.

It's all out there in the news. https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/29/politics/kamala-harris-tim-scott/index.html

I didn't want to answer based on what's "out there in the news", I asked to what you were referring in your statement "Biden and Harris answered directly".  This is what your statement was based on:

Here's Biden -

Biden, pressed on if he thought America was racist, told NBC News in an interview Thursday, "No, I don't think the American people are racist, but I think after 400 years, African Americans have been left in a position where they are so behind the eight ball, in terms of education, health, in terms of opportunity."

Here's Harris - 

"No. I don't think America is a racist country but we also do have to speak truth about the history of racism in our country and its existence today," Harris said. "I applaud the President for always having the ability and the courage, frankly, to speak the truth about it."
    Harris noted that domestic terrorism manifested by White supremacists is "one of the greatest threats to our national security."
    She continued, "These are issues that we must confront and it doesn't -- it does not help to heal our country, to unify us as a people, to ignore the realities of that and I think the President has been outstanding and a real national leader on the issue ... We want to unify the country, but not without speaking truth and requiring accountability as appropriate."

      So neither fell into the trap, which I had pointed out, of answering "Yes" or "No" to the bullsiht question. This is contrary to the claim you made in this thread.

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      Discussion: Cicada-palooza 2021 is a comin'

      I know this isn't a politics thread, but I think this still goes here.

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      Discussion: I guess we need an "are we a racist country" thread.

      When we're done with this question, a few more we can tackle: (I've gone ahead and provided the answers in the interest of time and convenience)

      Is the United States a generous nation? Yes.

      Is the United States a stingy nation? Yes.

      Is the United States a strong nation? Yes.

      Is the United States a weak nation? Yes.

      Is the United States an exceptional nation? Yes.

      Is the United States just another country? Yes.

      Are all nations exceptional? Yes.

      Is the United States a brave nation? Yes.

      Is the United States a fearful nation? Yes.

      If you ask broad questions about millions of people, will the answer almost always be yes? Yes.

      Are some questions not really questions but more social conventions that are either pablum or the setup for outrage-driven political narratives? Yes.

      Can you think of more such questions? Yes.

      Can you please stop now we get the point? Yes to the first, unfortunately probably not to the second.

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      Discussion: The Uncaged Bird - Hummingbirds are here!

      The Grosbeak; no picture of the hummer

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      Discussion: Close But No Cigar and other interesting sayings - an etymology thread

      Some of us still remember working with hot-metal typeset formes (not a typo), correcting pages ‘on the stone’ with the printers and copy-boys rushing around us to meet deadline ;)

      Admittedly, most of my publishing career was post-hot-metal, but the massive printers still pushed up the temperature in the massive sheds even 20 years ago. The noise was deafening, too. 

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