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Discussion: The end of Roe. (no more question mark)

Congratulations to the lowlife imbeciles who insisted that there was no difference between Hillary and Trump.

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Discussion: Pope Francis, Catholics, and Christians in the news

mtierney said:

No answers to the question in my last post? 

Why am I not surprised?

I always have to read the stuff I plan to comment on.

I shall be on my patio, admiring my flower garden,  for a tad longer……beautiful day here down the shore!

Beautiful day up here in the north jersey hills as well.

I suspect what you are trying to say (though, true to form, you won't say what you believe outright -- you seem to have an allergic reaction to stating your views plainly and so accepting any responsibility) is that  you believe abortion ends a human life, and so the mistake in the paragraph is not acknowledging that.

You are aware, of course, that many people don't hold that belief, and that even among those who do, many see abortion as a complex subject where multiple people's lives are at stake and absolute answers hazardous to insist upon.

Living in a democratic society means finding a way to allow such divergent, even strongly opposed, viewpoints to coexist as we struggle as nation to always move forward into "a more perfect union." This is, of course, where I again point out you your own rejection of the entire premise of democratic society, with your embrace of a violent, authoritarian movement. This time I'll just make that an aside, and pick a different main point and say that I think the mistake here is that so many people are in these difficult situations in the first place. A just, generous society would be one where women had control of their bodily autonomy, and where unexpected pregnancies were both rare and rarely posed  life and death stakes. Quite apart from the violent authoritarianism of the Republican party, it is this rejection of an inclusive, generous America that motivates me to vote for Democrats rather than Republicans.

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Discussion: SCOTUS and the beginning of the end of democracy???

The right winger reactionary majority of scotus seems to have a noticeably split personality.

When it comes to a woman's right to choose, they are states rights advocates just like in the days up to the early 70's but not when it concerns gun regulations. Here, they supposedly support the second amendment meaning states have no  rights of control.   

Some of you may be too young to remember the issues from the past around some of the points I'm making.

It seems as if they want us to go back to those nefarious days of "states rights" which is of course the maga agenda:

We had widespread institutionalized racism, widespread racially segregated schools, racial,ethnic,religious sexual quotas for institutions of higher learning, and most businesses.

And "redlining" -there were many towns that totally excluded minorities of all types, or only allowed them to purchase homes or rent in specific areas as was Maplewood!.

Only white protestants were allowed to be members of numerous places, organizations like The Maplewood Country Club.

The section of Maplewood east of Prospect Street was know as the Jewish ghetto and there were few African-Americans or Latinos if any in the town.

In the spring of 1964, a few friends and I went to visit two neighborhood friends who were attending the NY State University in New Paltz, NY.(Ulster County), about 70 miles north of the NJ/NY state border.The school had numerous "minority" students attending who were residents of NYC.

We passed a motel near the campus which had a prominent sign displayed:

"no "Jews, dogs or n------rs.

Sometime in the late 50's, my mom took my brother and to visit Washington D.C. during Easter recess.

I saw things that I had NEVER experienced growing up in NYC: separate black/white entrances to the train station, a "whites only" sign on the motel we stayed in, as well as on taxicabs and businesses of all types.

It was the SCOTUS supported "states rights" concept which allowed this.

And it was not just in the totally segregated former confederate states that it was this way!

In 1965 as I and dozens of other guys from the NY/NJ/PA area disembarked in Fort Jackson, Columbia South Carolina from a long troop train, we were greeted by our redneck drill Sargent: " all you spics, ****, Jews wops and guineas from up north-you're in MY south now. When you go off base, remember that EVERYTHING IS SEGREGATED off base.

When I was returning home on leave, upon exiting the Army bus, we were separated by race to enter the Columbia , SC airport. The facility was of course totally segregated.(The flight back to  NYC was not)

In those days, states rights, as is touted by our last "president" and too many of his tens of millions  as well as a disturbingly large amount of current republicans in office,meant segregation  "poll taxes" to prevent African Americans from from voting, especially in the south and other means of keeping the power in the south and other states white.

Is this the "great America" these maga folks and Scotus want?

AND, to make matters worse, the maga folks, whose primary source of "news" are woefully ignorant of the what is really going on is because their only source of "news" is the right wing propaganda on fox news.

They have aired re-runs instead of the January 6 hearings.

Some may say that "ignorance is bliss" but in these times, ignorance and believing drumpf and the lies spread by fox are so dangerous to our form of government.

And as someone replied about the electoral college AND the fact that each state has two senators-The folks in small states  with tiny populations like the Dakotas, Nebraska, et al have more political power than many hundreds of towns and cities in the more populated states.

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Discussion: Bring Out Your Dead! The celebrity death thread....

One of my most influential albums as a kid. Pretty sure I can still sing the whole album. I think I still have the vinyl somewhere of the original Broadway cast recording.

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Discussion: The end of Roe. (no more question mark)

I hate this timeline.

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Discussion: Inflation Scaremongering

It's uncommon for a detail like that to slip by DS -- rare chance to play the editor to the editor ;-)

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Discussion: The end of Roe. (no more question mark)

terp said:

Nobody is coming to take your contraceptives.

You of all people might want to sit this one out, dude.

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Discussion: The end of Roe. (no more question mark)

AND if RBG had retired under Obama…  :((

GoSlugs said:

STANV said:

Another thought: Thomas is the most significant legacy of President George H.W. Bush who everyone thinks was a great guy.

It's not just GHWB's legacy. If only Biden had listened to Anita Hill.

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