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Discussion: How to cancel an election/Trump's plan if he loses

Smedley said:

ml1 said:

Smedley said:

 Well that was a lot of hullabaloo for an academic exercise.

 did you really think the Senate would convict?  I don't know anyone who thought it was a probability.

Of course not. That was always a prayer.

Note I said earlier that the failure of impeachment was that it didn't remove trump from office nor did it sway public opinion.

Do you really think Pelosi, a career politician and a strident adversary of POTUS, moved on impeachment purely as an issue of right and wrong? Something from the Girl Scout code or something? Not at all as a political move meant to weaken Trump ahead of an election? 

Come on, man.

That was the failure of impeachment -- that it didn't weaken Trump politically at all. If anything it turned out being a marginal benefit for him, because while the left was demoralized at how the whole thing went pffft with the electorate, it fired up the MAGA side by playing right into Trump's aggrieved, poor-me narrative

Too many people start with the assumption (either consciously or not) that there is some level of decency or rationality within the mind of Trump and his base.  This mistake is made every single day.  So because impeachment failed, they have the rallying cry that time and money was wasted and Trump was fully exonerated.  Yes, since impeachment failed they do have this as a talking point.  What everyone is not understanding is that these people will ALWAYS have some rallying cry based on a grain of truth.  In this case it would be some thing like 'See, they are too cowardly to even attempt to impeach our greatest president in the history of the country'.  Refraining from following a proper prescribed course of action because doing so will initiate retaliation is not an option. 

This is a fight.  When you step into a the ring do you hang back and not hit the other guy hoping that he won't hit you?  Of course not.  He's going to hit you regardless of what you do.  So use every tool in your arsenal, and fulfill the responsibilities given to you by the Constitution and the voters. 

ETA:  Trump was weakened by the impeachment.  It's in his brain that forever he will have that asterisk next to his name.  He's not only #45, he's #3.  Every time he thinks about it or hears someone mention it, a little more acid burns through his stomach lining.  

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Discussion: Inconsequential Chat

This sums it up best.

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Discussion: Funerals during quarantine

Don't go.

Indoor gatherings are significant risks.  You don't seem to have been informed of the social distancing protocol so you cannot be sure it exists, or that masks will be worn.  Singing is very problematic as it becomes clearer that the virus spreads through the air.

I don't mean to be cruel or unfeeling but for your own protection and for the protection of the family in mourning who probably feel obligated to be physically present, reduce the crowd by not attending.

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Discussion: Cancel Culture

Jaytee said:

I would really like to see trumpsters in the Goya aisle buying frijoles negros...

 the ones I've seen are saying they are ordering them online and having them shipped to food banks.  While it's good for them to be making donations to the needy, it also strikes me as trollish.  But if Trumpers trolling the libtards means donations to the food deprived, troll away.

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Discussion: Far Side cartoons

NEW STUFF IS HERE!!! Who else is having fun??


Thank you, Mr Larson.

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Discussion: Supreme Court - Trump taxes

The president is NOT above the law!

Most goes back to the lower courts.  But Trump is not immune.  7-2 decision.

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Discussion: Need to find out who is in charge of certain cemetery to return missing headstone. Weird, I know

kthnry said:

You have the weirdest questions.

 Yep, I know.  My family is weird  :))

I was writing the original question when the Curious George cartoons popped into my head, specifically the fire department who when responding to George’s antics always say “Why don’t we get any normal calls?”

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Discussion: Inconsequential Chat

From Australian artist and cartoonist Michael Leunig.

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