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Discussion: Dispatches from Hong Kong

Thanksgiving day sunrise from our place.

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Discussion: Increased speed in page load
My developers tweaked a few things - hopefully you notice a slight difference in page load.  :-)

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Discussion: Hamas and Israel

Israel, Hamas appear open to extending pause; aid agencies rush deliveries to Gaza (WaPo)

Here's to hoping this actually evolves into a longer pause, and then a transition from fighting to diplomacy.

Meanwhile, while all wars are terrible, one way this one is particularly bad is the way it's triggering prejudices and hatreds far from the actual fighting:

Police Arrest Suspect in Shooting of 3 Palestinian Students in Vermont (NYT)

Anti-semitism and Islamophobia are long standing, deeply embedded hatreds within many societies, ours included. Awful and sad.

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Discussion: The Rose Garden and White House happenings: What does 2024 portend?

mtierney said:

The mouse got caught in its own trap….


If Disney's box office woes are because of whatever your side is calling "woke" this week, then how did Barbie - which is a literal one hour 54 minute feminist masterpiece - make over a billion dollars this year alone? What horseshit.

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Discussion: I decided not to go. My hiking club is touring a newly opened temple In N.J.

The building was completed in the summer and opened for tours in October. --- supposed to be a beautiful structure.

Problem is, it was build by labor that was exploited. N.J. Dept. of Labor sued the religious organization for mega $$$ on behalf of their employees who were underpaid. The practice of exploiting a part of their society is accepted as part of their religions belief.

Similar exploitation is/was practiced in California and the California legislature passed legislation to prohibit exploitation and discrimination against persons, based on color, creed and so forth. The leaders of the religion have sued the state, claiming the legislation discriminates against their religious belief that justifies discrimination against a certain class of people..

I'm not going on the tour. 

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Discussion: Twitter is a Private Company

nohero said:

Meanwhile, in Tesla news -

For a second I thought “wide-raging” rights was a typo.

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