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Discussion: 2020 - Candidates

I've seen the Bloomberg ads. They attack Trump, not the Democratic contenders.

Yet, Bernie has been busy attacking Bloomberg. Finally, Bloomberg's campaign is responding.

“It’s a shameful turn of events to see Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump deploy the very same attacks and tactics against Mike, but the reason is clear,” Sheekey wrote. “At this point, the primary is Bernie’s to lose and ours to win. Bernie knows this. Trump knows this. That’s why they are united in the campaign against Mike.

”Sheekey’s anti-Sanders missive came after days of Bloomberg-bashing statements from the left-wing Vermont senator.


It would have been smart if Bernie, like Bloomberg, concentrated on the real issue. The issue is Trump. Bash Trump on what he has done and on what he has left unpromised.

But with Bernie its always about Bernie. Doesn't matter if you're independent, a Democrat or a Republican., If he feels you're not serving his needs he will tear you down. As he tore down Clinton.

If you want to attack other candidates then do it by comparing programs. During the debates tell us why your healthcare is better than the other guys. Don't resort to silly and stupid personal attacks such as "don't vote for him because he's a billionaire." 

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Discussion: What to write in sympathy card when deceased had dementia

If you treasure your memory of the many charming conversations the two of you shared, then that is what you should write.  The final three years were a small portion of the life he led and should not define him.

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Discussion: Welcome to Palindrome Day!

Ha! I didn’t even notice the clock. (I’m a night shifter so usually stay up late.)

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Discussion: Nevada debate

On one hand I thought Warren did well, but then I thought she was fighting the way a drowning person does to stay afloat.  Bloomberg had that kind of "I'm not prepared for this, but another hundred million should fix it" stare in his eyes; also "where are my attorneys?".  Bernie was Bernie in his Vermont cabin persona.  Klobluchar was shaking a bit, writing furious scrawl on her notepad: "Ignore the man on your right; you WILL be president".  Joe did fairly well, but people seem to set a low bar for him these days; I like how he shares credit with Obama.  Pete had some kind of preternatural calm about him; he likely won't win, but will replace the DNC chair if he loses and Trump wins. 

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Discussion: What to write in sympathy card when deceased had dementia

EBennett - you've got this. What you wrote in your original post is the basis of an extraordinary sympathy note. Talk about the more distant past and your treasured conversations, but talk also about the recent past when music alone was how you enjoyed time together. All of your fond memories will be treasured by  the bereaved.  Agree with others, the more specific a memory you can share, the better. But seriously, being willing to put met to paper and share a memory is 90% of the job - I am sure what you write will be deeply appreciated. 

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Discussion: 2020 - Candidates

nohero said:

DaveSchmidt said:

nohero said:

I also don't think hashing that out is relevant to discussing the 2020 election. 

You let us know your opinion of that bullet point anyway. Thank you. It allowed me to elaborate. Thanks again.

I don't think I was being inconsistent. 

 Dafuq are you two even arguing about?

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Discussion: Things I don't get

mrincredible said:

Face tattoos. The only thing I would consider tattooing on my face is a full-size tattoo of my own face from when I was 30.

Barbara Streisand

 These are two separate items, yes?

Just checking.

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Discussion: Bloomberg vs Trump. Who's worse?

I'm not trying to step in as a Bloomberg apologist or supporter. I like other candidates better at the moment. But here's one thing to think about relative to the "Bloomberg as autocrat" argument.

I honestly believe a Congress with it's current makeup would actually be more likely to hold Bloomberg to account than the disgusting display of Republican stonewalling we saw with the impeachment trial. I think of a President Bloomberg pulled the same nonsense as Trump, the Democratic controlled House could possibly consider impeachment articles. And it would be interesting to see how Ol' Mitch handled an impeachment trial of a Democratic president.

Maybe I'm naive but I feel like the Democratic party has more integrity at the moment. We had no delusion that 20 Republicans would break ranks and vote to convict Trump. How about 16 Democrats if the tables were turned and a President Bloomberg did what Trump did with Zelensky? Especially if there was a familiar Democrat sitting in the VP office.

And I honestly don't think it would need to get to the point of impeachment. I think Bloomberg would be more wary of crossing a line, and more willing to listen to advisors telling him where the line is.

As with my comment about him in the candidates thread I'm just musing at this point. Bottom line is I trust Democrats to do a better job of non-partisan oversight than the Republicans. 

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Discussion: What to write in sympathy card when deceased had dementia

I usually write a simple card, with a fairly warm & public message re happier memories.

And I include, on a separate notepaper, a private message for close family telling them of the special moments that will always remain bright when X is remembered: their love of music, etc.  I believe it’s important to share with the family that you could still see their special person and their personality underneath the blandness of dementia. 

I’ve just written two follow-up cards to grieving family, a little while after the funerals, because new events brought their loved ones to mind. 

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Discussion: 2020 - Candidates

BG9 said:

If you think policy differences are minutiae then there is really no need to listen to the debates. 

Simply vote on your emotions or ethnicity other non policy desire. Like, vote because a person is Latino or a woman, or LGBT or studmuffin or seems nice, etc.

 The debates should be (although I know they're not) a way to see how the candidates put forward and defend positions.  Whatever policy difference exist among the candidates don't matter as much, in light of the fact that they're going to have to get through a Congress.

That being said, in my humble opinion Senator Warren seems best able to put those positions forward.  

And I'll say it, Bernie is terrible at it.  

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