What series should I watch next?

On Friday, the next season of Bojack Horseman begins on Netflix. With Will Arnett. Very funny stuff.

Plus there are new Key & Peele episodes on Comedy Central!!

I'm enjoying "Rita," a Danish series on Netflix. It's about a 40-something schoolteacher in a Copenhagen suburb who has a complicated family & love life. Not a comedy, not a sitcom....hard to describe. But the little details of everyday Danish life -- how casually everyone dresses, the ways in which the school is administered on a daily basis, the interactions between teachers and students, all of it seems so humane. But not sanitized. I'm not explaining this very well but if you're looking for a strong, complex, not-entirely-likeable but completely believable female lead, give Rita a try.

joanne said:
There must be something wrong with me. Am totally loving iZombie.
oh oh

Yes! Surprise hit of the season in our house. I recorded them because it's made by the same people who did Veronica Mars, but we saved them all up on TiVo because we didn't really expect to like it. Shows what we know. So. Much. Fun.

I've just got my teenage niece into it - tee hee...!! Am very impatient for next season.

Has anyone else seen the UK series 'Human'? Not the supernatural/horror series, but the SF series, dealing with AI and ethics, philosophy, etc. we've seen about 3 eps so far and are really enjoying it. For some reason it reminds me of The Last Rose of Summer (very old series & book), and has some surprising performances.


There is a fantastic series on Netflix, "Spiral", it's French and intersperses between the police, the courts, and lawyers. Wonderfully acted, great plots, it's truly addictive and one of the best things we've ever watched on television. There are several seasons each with their different plot points while continuing to develop the main characters. Consistently high qualtiy

"Wallander"--the original Swedish series on Netflix. Hands down the best series ever if you can deal with the dark Scandinavian sensibility.

And also the French series "Witnesses." Only 6 episodes but totally mesmerizing. On Netflix.

Nearly 2am, we just couldn't go to bed without watching the final 2eps of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell, UK mini-series (fantasy). I really wasn't grabbed by the first two eps, but the third started to grab me in...the acting is good and nothing seems to talk down to the audience. It's a 'what if?' style of fantasy. I must say Marc Warren is exceptionally graceful in it.

"Five Days" is gripping. HBO/BBC five-part miniseries that revolves around the disappearance of a young mother in a quiet British suburb and the circumstances that leave her children abandoned far from home.

I love Wallander... great acting, and the scenery is so bleak yet beautiful.

And I also like Humans, Joanne. At first I thought it would be just another predictable AI story, but the details are interesting. I'm also trying to figure out what exactly is going on with the mother (Pauline from Doc Martin!!!!).

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell had me right from the first episode. I am completely hooked.

We are watching Proof, the television series with Jennifer Beals. I'm not sure what I make of that yet. For one thing, a lot of the medical details sound wrong to me, whether they are in the OR or talking about treatment. I find myself wondering if they even have a medical consultant. And the premise and plot lines are a bit predictable and mawkish -- lots of woo, even though the main character is a total skeptic. Meh. Will stick it out for awhile, but I don't know.

'Pauline' returned to work fairly soon after having her second baby so she could do this series, PeggyC. Probably how she can did that convincing air of exhaustion to her performance! cheese I'm impressed with this serious role, after many lightweight and comedic roles; she's a fine actor.

We also like the actress playing her Synth. Her switches from aware to 'blank' mode are good and often humorous; in fact we love most of the Synths. Have you spotted the Dr Who connections??? And the Keeping Up With the Braithwaites coonections?

I've never seen "Keeping up with the Braithwaites," so haven't spotted anything in connection with that for good reason. But I can't recall any Doctor Who links, either. I did spot one actor I remember from another show: The young man who played "Merlin" in that show for years... Morgan something? He's playing Leo, the synth.

I am loving the subplot surrounding John Hurt and his synth Odi. So sweet and sad. I can fully understand why he is so eager to escape from the horrible nurse/nanny synth they assigned to him. YUCK.

William Hurt's new Synth was an alien Nanny in Dr Who. oh oh. She's always very delightfully proper and disapproving.

Oh, I can totally picture that. I wonder if I saw that episode or am just laying this memory over that? Which Doctor was it?

Either Tennant or early Matt Smith. I'll see if I can find a reference.

I remember a very strange episode where they had a lot of baby-looking fat alien creatures that floated away into the atmosphere at the end. I think they actually were made of fat of some kind. Was that the one?

(God, when I say things like that, I wonder why the hell I ever watched Doctor Who.)

us2inFL said:
+1: "The Fall," on Netflix is very good. Crime thriller set in current day Belfast. Jamie Dornan (50 Shades) is the bad guy. Five episodes in Season 1, six in Season 2, so it's not a major time commitment.

I thought this was great! Totally binged watched it. I am now watching The Killing which so far as very good, about a Seattle Homicide detective who falls into an investigation of the murder of a young girl on her last day working for the Seattle Police department.

If I'm wrong please correct me, but it seems that some of the series recommendations here have included real spoilers. If so, please consider how to best describe or discuss a series without spoiling it for those of us that might be interested. Thanks!

Well, we can try not to give anything away, but then it becomes rather difficult to explain why we like a show and recommend it.

PeggyC said:
Well, we can try not to give anything away, but then it becomes rather difficult to explain why we like a show and recommend it.

I'm sure you can explain why you like a show in order to recommend it to someone who hasn't seen it. I've seen it done throughout this thread. It seems the spoilers occur when a dialogue occurs between two people who are discussing a show back and forth. In any event I think my post above said it as clearly as I could (and respectfully). Of course there needs to be some plot outlines but they only need to describe the first pilot or episode, not what eventually occurs in the final episodes.

Wendy, the apparent reveals Peggy and I have shared are covered in the basic gloss on the series, they're not 'spoilers'. When you read the basic information about the series, you learn it's about AI, with the artificial life forms called Synths and that the episodes deal with how various (named) families deal with increased Synth use in all facets of daily life. The PR materials highlight similarities with I, Robot. We haven't given anything away, except actor connections with other programs.

Actually, Joanne is correct. I went to "guilt mode" so quickly that I didn't think it through. But if you watch trailers or commercials for Humans, you will know about as much as I "gave away" above. Phew.

So many shows!!! I feel like our list keeps growing. Plus I've been doing this newfangled thing called "reading" so I haven't been watching TV as much lately.

Snort. Wait... is that reading, like, on paper?????

PeggyC said:
Snort. Wait... is that reading, like, on paper?????

Yeah!! It's the craziest thing. I have to, like, turn pages and stuff.

TarheelsInNj said:

PeggyC said:
Snort. Wait... is that reading, like, on paper?????
Yeah!! It's the craziest thing. I have to, like, turn pages and stuff.

Nope. Not possible.

Tonight watched first episode of Season Two of Bojack Horseman. Wacky and funny. Loved it. Maybe you need to see Season One. Maybe not.

Also watch "Tig," on Netflix, about Tig Nataro. Meh. Some good material in first half but became totally staged after that. Not natural at all. Okay, you had cancer, shut up already.

Agree with West Wing, Nurse Jackie. We loved Six Feet Under which was

on Amazon.

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