Two rings found in South Mountain Reservation dog park

Two rings found in South Mountain Reservation dog park (large dog side, under the bench farther back on the left side)One ring appears to be silver-plated, depicting the masks of comedy and tragedy. The other is a plain band (steel?) which appears to have some symbols engraved on it. These may well have sentimental value, so I would like to see them reunited with their owner.I have posted this also on Facebook in SOMA Lounge and Dogs of SOMA. If you are a regular at the dog park please ask around. If you have lost these, or know someone who has, please send me a private message.

Does South Mountain Reservation (run by Essex County) have a lost and found?  South Mountain Conservancy would likely know.

Could be someone deliberately left the rings there. Lots of young people go there when they’re depressed. Could be a break up. It most likely won’t be reclaimed.

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