Someone has been eating acorns is the garage

Shells everywhere- I assume it’s squirrels- just ha no idea where they’re getting in.

I think I found their entryway 

Could be chipmunks too.  Have you heard any singing, particularly Christmas songs?

We have chipmunks everywhere. Noticed one climbing our dogwood tree and eating, I think, the buds or flowers. They have also dug several small holes in and around the garage. Never saw so many!

Mice are also a possibility. That's who is eating the acorns in our garage. And in our car engine. 

When you’re trying to figure out why the treadmill stopped working.....

I have to say - I've seen this issue in the past.  I always thought it came from the roof somehow.  We have a pretty tall stack of chairs and there was a pile of shells on top of those.  Now, I'm convinced the squiirels were climbing up and eating them up there.

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