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Ate my last bit of cheese yesterday. Today it is raining.  Ain’t no sunshine when cheese gone.

 I think I've been a 4 most of the day, but am now rapidly advancing to a 6.

Mostly 3 so far (the computer is outside the frame)

Yesterday was 5, if you add quiet crying. (Pain meds weren’t quite strong enough)  Hoping for a cute 2 today.

Which leads me to the Australian Magpie, which was voted the winner of the Australian Science Week favourite animal sound.

In a competition run by ABC Australia - the country's national (non-commercial) broadcaster - the magpie came out the clear winner from a selection of 28 Australian animal sounds.

Visit the website, and click on the links to hear the animals which were in the running for the award.

This a brief snippet of the magpie's call.


To: Any local British expatriates. 

I was thinking of a few things today and decided that my brain may not be perfect, but parts of it are excellent.


Coffee or tea?


Where would the internet be without cats?

This is strangely hypnotic...

I am a Kiffness devotee

How did we survive without smart phones? 

Good to know.

Consider this as a Public Service message and a handy hint for the next time you're feeling peckish.

MOL sometimes…

  A time of innocence - in the early years, at least.

Earworm, perhaps, and could also be related to the previous post.

marksierra said:

Earworm, perhaps, and could also be related to the previous post.

if you don’t eat your meat…you can’t have any pudding…

I unintentionally signed up for an escapologist course; now I’m having a really tough time getting out of it.

How do you spell 'irony'?

marksierra said:

How do you spell 'irony'?

sounds like a Nigerian scam…

With India's lunar lander having recently been successfully delivered and deployed, it reminded me of this ...

This is very much me.  I'm a terrible digital hoarder.

 For those who've worked for, or have ever needed to call, an I.T. Helpdesk...

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