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joanne said:



There's work going in Colorado, apparently.

All you have to do is follow the link.

Someone's going to need a strong coffee in the morning...

Hey, @marksierra! You might remember I’m in the seat of Fadden and we have that by-election this weekend as our Member of Parliament Stuart Robert has resigned. 
well, of course early voting (pre-polling) has now begun and I decided to vote, since D will have the car all day Saturday. 
Monday 10 July is also Teddy Bears’ Picnic, so his slippers came with me… everyone was enchanted!

Speaking of early voting/pre-polling numbers, numeracy doesn't appear to be his strength .....

Just in time for Bastille Day ... Un aide mémoire.

Not that this has anything to do with France, but anything that helps a student learn and remember something has to be a bonus.

Alright, did someone order extra pepperoni on their pizza?

I can feel my arteries hardening, just looking at that.

And, where are the anchovies?

(at risk of repeating)

mjc said:

(at risk of repeating)

Anchovies!  Delicious!

^ That’s a very very big wine cask!!  smile

Australia is once again upholding its notable reptile reputation as researchers discover a new species of snake, the Desert Whip Snake.

Found widespread across the continent, ranging from the Eastern Goldfields to southwest Queensland, the latest addition to Australia’s class Reptilia resides mostly through the arid inland areas.

The discovery follows Adelaide geneticist James Nankivell and researcher Mark Hutchinson joining forces with Perth biodiversity environmentalists Brad Maryan and Brian Bush, to work together in examining hundreds of individual whip snakes.

Appearing bluish-grey in colour, the formal name for the Desert Whip Snake is Demansia Cyanochasma, modified from the Greek words kyanos meaning blue and khasma meaning space or expanse.

Although distinct in its look, the new reptile has historically been confused with two other whip snakes. These are the Yellow-faced Whip Snake from eastern Australia and the Reticulated Whip Snake endemic to the western part of Western Australia.

Due to its venomous nature, the snake is able to rapidly subdue its wriggling prey. However, the species doesn’t pose a threat to people, as a severe bite will typically only cause pain and swelling to the bitten area.

The new whip snake grows to a maximum length of 89cm (about 35 inches), with the females reproducing annually between mid to late spring and early summer.

With one species also occurring in Papua New Guinea, the group referred to as whip snakes now include a total of 15 sub-species, making it Australia’s largest genus of front-fanged venomous land snakes.

(Story from )

It's a very pretty snake - look at those colours!

From great art to the mundane...

Nope. « Oil on Canvas 2023. How much for dry cleaning?? »

Another missed opportunity!

This might, actually, work...

This, they'd have us believe, is where it began...

For every season there is a reason.

This was just caught by my Spam filter.

Check out the date when it was sent!

Speaking of animals indoors...

The day I walked into some cured meat sausages hanging in the pantry was just one of my wurst days.

Someone suggested I'd hit a snag, while another said it was just baloney.

marksierra said:

The day I walked into some cured meat sausages hanging in the pantry was just one of my wurst days.

Someone suggested I'd hit a snag, while another said it was just baloney.

it cudda been wurst 

It's not a new word!

In fact, it's usage has been traced back to at least 1622 ... that's the year, not the time (for those of us who work in the 24-hour clock format):


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