Inconsequential Chat

I've just found out that the neighborhood had a meeting about the crazy person on the block.

It's weird that they didn't invite me.

I mean, right now, I should be ...

You have to wonder what happened (maybe even how it happened) to make this warning necessary:

Even more perplexing - as has just been pointed out to me - you can't see the warning until you open the box!

Without putting too fine a point on it, let's just say that I'm passing on the experience of a friend...

Let me know if this belongs in the Politics section.

Just keeping you in touch...

nohero said:

Pooh Bear? Red Shirt? 

I don't get it. 

The_Soulful_Mr_T said:

nohero said:

Pooh Bear? Red Shirt? 

I don't get it. 

Thank you.  I asked joanne the same question, and received a similar explanation to the one HatsOff supplied.

Optical illusion.

She's behind a ha-ha.  In this case, it's a wall with a border that’s a similar colour to the path.

How's this for an achievement?

An amazing result from a Japanese team for a glider flight over water. 

It's one of the entrants in the Japanese Birdman contest.

The glider went well beyond where you might think it would have come down.

I’m not sure about the 60km in your thumbnail; I’ve found info that says pilot Sakura Nakajima (21 years) flew: 451.12m, The 4th longest distance of the category. The longest female flight distance record. Students’ record.

Wow, really well done - and didn’t they all have fun???

Oh, that 60km hangs around at the end of the clip  oh oh I’m a dag!

joanne said:

Oh, that 60km hangs around at the end of the clip 

I was wondering where that came from.

It looks to me that this is a famous quote but, if it is, I can't find who may have said/written it.

'The power of books is limited only by the imagination.'

Speaking of books and reading.

There comes a time...

(I could do with a coin which reads something along the lines of 'One more online article/YT video' on one side, and 'Log off, shut down & go to bed' on the other.)

Happy Independence Day.

Depending on the root from which the name is derived, a friend of mine decided that the plural of platypus - which is not platypi but, rather, platypodes or platypuses - should be platycats.

Yes, well, there is that option.

I'll take a risk that it's not real, but it's clever, nevertheless.

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