Creatures in the news — winged, four-footed, cute or scary

good story on our feathered friends...

More like ourselves than I thought!

Well here is something you might like but these animals are extinct!

What an ugly, scary creature and a vegetarian nevertheless!!

been way too long since I have posted on this thread, but this story restores my faith in people.....

Have you seen this one of a sheep that thinks it's a dog???

I think I just might become a vegetarian! I have been moving in that direction for awhile now -- and this summer the wild turkeys have arrived in our yard -- no Thanksgiving bird for me this year  question 

Resourceful possum! Seems to be a baby/young adult.

Bunnings is a national chain of hardware stores that also sells furniture, landscaping/gardening supplies, and has 'coffee corners' for light meals before or after your DIY class.

I first heard about these creatures being capable of taking down hummingbirds a couple of years ago,I couldn't believe it!

yes! I saw that, sent it to peggyc, and some Aussie knitters. They’re sooooo cute!

Mtierney, have you read about the living kitten with two faces? Wow!

gosh no, Joanne, there are so many oddities of nature on FB, I missed that. BTW, how is Peggy, she is not on MOL from what I see.

Peggyc is really busy! cheese She’s still singing, and doing pottery, and active on the Facebook MOL (I forget what it’s called).

Not sure whether to post this here, or with marksierra's 'chooks' oh oh

FWIW, this is a bit like finding a croc in NYC

joanne said:

Not sure whether to post this here, or with marksierra's 'chooks' oh oh

Put it with the chooks!  

After all, weren't chooks originally lizards which evolved to become ... chooks?

They feed dead chooks to the crocogators in our reptile parks.  Is that case of eating your own?

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