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Discussion: The Rose Garden and White House happenings: “Awoke” in the Land of Nod

mtierney said:

Oh, BTW, where in the world is VP Harris?

 A few hours before you asked this question she was standing next to the President and Attorney General giving a speech about gun control at the White House. BTW.

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Discussion: Close But No Cigar and other interesting sayings - an etymology thread

"Bush" as meaning rural isn't too common here -- that's one of those phrases that, to me at least, feels almost stereotypically Australian. Two exceptions to that come to mind though. First, "bush pilots" -- people who fly small planes in remote areas. That's almost exclusively something in an Alaskan or Canadian context though; I don't think I've ever heard of a "bush pilot" in the lower 48 and, if you didn't go through a mild Alaskan/Northern Canada obsession growing up as I did, you might not even be familiar with the phrase.

The second is actually pretty close to your usage I think -- "bush league" -- meaning amateur or second rate. 

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Discussion: The Rose Garden and White House happenings: “Awoke” in the Land of Nod

mtierney said:

 I guess you don’t really read his stuff.

Not really.

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Discussion: The Rose Garden and White House happenings: “Awoke” in the Land of Nod

Now I look at it, I think my last post is a good example of why the Oxford comma is important.

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Discussion: Meet the Mets (For Mets Fans Only!)

deGromhog Day

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Discussion: Daffodils

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Discussion: Bald Eagle nest protection?

After a few near misses (eagles, but no camera, or camera, but no eagles), today I managed to get a few shots of the eagles using the new nesting platform.

It took a while before they accepted the platform and built the new nest, so they are probably a few weeks behind other eagle nests.

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Discussion: Cherry Blossoms at Branch Brook - Peak now

Pics from today. Hurry before they are gone!

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Discussion: QANON

From McSweeney's -




With Apologies to Allen Ginsberg.

I saw the dullest minds of my generation destroyed by hashtags, stupid gullible red-capped,

scrolling mindlessly through the 4chan boards at dawn looking for breadcrumb droppings,

jacked methheads jonesing for deep state conspiracy links to Hillary and Lisa Page and the dumbfuckery of Pizzagate,

who ignorant and hate-filled and AR15-toting rose up stupid in Tea Party grievances of White Supremacy floating under the guise of small government,

who emptied their wallets to Christ and saw Jerry Falwell Jr. unzipping his pants on luxury yachts inebriated,

who cheered on caged children with cruel “lol own the libs” eyes hallucinating Alex Jones and Chachi has-beens among the Karens of suburbia,

whose falsehoods were amplified on Facebook for clicks pushing divisive deza on the fragile psyche of our broken nation,

who believed a Trust-The-Plan Storm-Is-Coming Red-Pill Elder-Zion-Protocol Great-Awakening delusion idolizing a second rate Jim Jones false messiah daughter-craving reality TV Studio 54 has been,

yackety-yakking screaming ranting about Save-the-Children child trafficking rings while blindly trusting Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach pal Donald,

who worshiped a cowering bone spurs snake oil-selling casino-bankrupting wife-cheating shyster,

who ate taco bowls in coastal elite towers or drank bleach in Mar-a-Lago or bragged his “sir” stories of gibberish,

whose gold toilet throne of staggering crassness was aspirational,

who slurred and spewed hatred and vomited 20,000 lies from an over-bronzed mouth hole of ratings and caravans and Antifa and people in the dark shadows controlling the streets and black-uniformed thugs on airplanes and Obamagate and big bags of soup,

who let 190,000 die because masks are for cucks, shrugging at a deadly virus to show “strength” while they gasped their last breath

who praised basement-dwelling militia of incels shooting paintball guns off flatbed trucks out of Dixie murdering protesters,

to restore the systems of hierarchy and drag his foot before you shameless, stoking fears to assuage white guilt and console endless boundless male fragility,

... (continued on link)

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Discussion: Cherry Blossoms at Branch Brook - Peak now

Also from today — my hiking club trip, including Gracie, the goat.

plus the Bassilica

Gracie also goes on club hikes into wooded areas.

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