Log in issues - we're working on it.


I've just opened the site after being away for a day or so .. have found that I'm still logged in.

On a PC


I had to login, then got logged out. logged in, 2nd time.


(FWIW, I’ve been logged in for about 20 hours I think, on both iPads. )


is everyone getting bumped out as much as yesterday?


Almost seems worse for me: Every time I leave the page or Return to All Discussions.


I got bumped out and had to log in yesterday, but the same did not happen today.


Ok, seems like things are still a bit buggy, we'll be reverting back to the old login code.


ok, old method should be back - it may help to refresh your browser.


So far so good this morning  question 


Still logged in, after closing down last night, and reopening this morning, on PC and in Android, both with chrome. 


So far so good...



No issues with my tablet but now I can't log in on my PC because it doesn't recognize my username and/or password.  It was working fine earlier today and yesterday.  Now what?  I  haven't changed either of these and I have no idea why this is happening. Suggestions?


You can reset the password: https://maplewood.worldwebs.com/profile/password 

Not sure how this could have changed.


so 4pm my time, and I changed to the older iPad. Had to log in. (Maybe because older/very old iOS? There was that update to ios11 a few days ago that I only noticed this morning but this iPad won't take)

Not a major concern as I simply logged back in. Others might find it more worrying.


The computer world is weird.  All of a sudden, now it recognizes me by my username and password without me having to reset it. It may have helped that I shut down the computer, let it "rest" and started it up again.  Go figure!


Jamie, I just sent you an email but forgot I have another (older) iPad. cheese

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