Why "Logon With Facebook"

I had all of my "cookies" wiped out and am having to reenter logon credentials on my computer.  When I did so on MOL just now I noticed that we now have a "Logon with Facebook" option.  I've read many recommendations against this practice, so just wondering why it is being encouraged here? 

Here's one example: https://www.wired.com/story/security-risks-of-logging-in-with-facebook/

It's SOOOO easy, but ...

i don't really use FB...and if there is an issue with FB, you lose your account on the secondary site...true story.....I was trying to find a home for a kitten I found.  someone posted in on their FB....I wanted to add pics and details....so I started a FB account....made a couple posts about the kitten....couple days later, my account was deactivated as being fake.....I had found a home for the kitten and wasn't going to fight with FB over it (sending ID, etc)

Thanks for the link sac - I'll look into that.  The main reason we have it there is to make it easier for new users to signup for an account - this way you wouldn't need to remember yet another username/password combo.  Not sure if we have stats showing how many people are using it - I'll have to ask my guys about it.

Yeah, but doesn't logging on with Facebook allow FB to track MOL activity?  I mean, they're not making the feature available because they're nice guys.

Do you have to add any code to the MOL codebase, probably provided by FB, that would enable that tracking?

I personally never use the login with Facebook option when presented with it. While it may be a meaningless gesture in this day and age, at least it keeps FB from knowing absolutely everything about my online activity.

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