Where to see Comet Neowise in this area?

I understand that the next week or so will be prime viewing time for this comet in the north-northwestern sky near the horizon after sunset.  But I'm not coming up with a good (high) vantage point that faces in that direction.  Any suggestions within an hour or so drive from SOMA?

It shows around 10:30. It will be brightest on 7/23 -- when rain is expected.

I would try either tip of L.B.I.

Hmmm - I was hoping not to have to drive quite that far, but will keep it in mind.

There's a scenic overlook offa Route 80 West out in the Blairstown area that I believe offers a northward unobstructed vista, if memory serves.

Maybe Riker Hill Art Park in Livingston? It's an old nike base and there are some good views, but I am not sure about north/northwest.  It seems to me that somewhere in Livingston, maybe along Mt.Pleasant east of the circle might off a good vantage point in that direction. Good luck! 

I was think of Livingston as well because its on the other side of the mountain. But there's a ton of light pollution from Rt 10 and that whole area. That's why I was looking at that scenic overlook. It's somewhat darker up there.

However the state police might not be happy if people are parked in that area late at night.

Scenic overlook may be closed. The one on 78 in Bedminster has been closed for the past months.

I finally got a fairly clear evening to see the comet.  It was pretty high in the sky at 10 pm, though not very bright.  I couldn't see it with my naked eyes,  but it shows up looking like a fuzzy ball with a short vague tail pointing in the 1 o'clock direction.  Once I spotted it in a clear setting (in my case, the Columbia HS field, I was able to locate it from my backyard.  You just have to know where to look.  If you can locate the big dipper, use the two bottom stars in the bowl to point away from the handle, and the comet will be below where those two stars point, maybe a big dipper constellation length away.  

mrincredible said:

There's a scenic overlook offa Route 80 West out in the Blairstown area that I believe offers a northward unobstructed vista, if memory serves.

 Not sure if we are talking about the same scenic overlook, but last night we went to the overlook on the eastbound side of I-80 at exit 19 (Allamuchy), about a 45 minute drive from Maplewood.   If you are headed west, you take that exit, turn left and go over the freeway and then enter the eastbound side and the exit for the overlook is just a little ways from there.  It's a big (two level) overlook and there were a lot of people there.  It was a bit hazy, but we were able to see the comet through our binoculars around 9:30-9:45.  Then it got a bit cloudier and you couldn't see it.  I read that last night and tonight would be the best viewing in this region based on the comet's path and our weather forecast.

Found it tonight but could BARELY see it even with binoculars.  You need to get far away from all this light pollution.

I heard from a friend that it was hazy again last night - also an almost nightly problem near heavily populated areas.

Tonight is about as clear a night as we can hope for in these parts during hot hazy weather. I got to see the comet again in binoculars from my backyard around 9:40, though dimmer than it was on Saturday.  I've attached locator maps for tonight and tomorrow night.

Scully and I drove to the Rt 80 lookout, mentioned above. By 10:00 it was clearly visible.

Swarvoski binoculars  7 X 50.  

Worth the ride.

Damn. I just remembered, I have a "doubler" for the binocs in the trunk. Its been so long since I used it, I forgot I had it.

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