What's going on with my internet provider? success! it worked! thanks.

I live in a rural area where my internet connection comes to me wirelessly either from a router or my iphone.  Of course it sucks, and I don't understand why it works most of the times, but not others.  Right now my router says that I have three bars, the maximum signal, but I can't access the internet through my computer.  The computer says that I have no connection.  Does anyone undersand what is going on?

It is not about the signal to your house.  The computer and router are not talking.  Try to turn off and on the connection on your computer.

Can you run a diagnostic on your computer to determine the problem?  Depending on the computer you have, the computer may be able to correct the problem without any further action from you.  On my computer I can do this by right clicking on the internet  connection symbol on my computer's menu bar.

reboot the router, then reboot the computer

drummerboy said:

reboot the router, then reboot the computer

 I would add depending on which pieces of hardware you have.

Turn all off.

Reboot one at a time...

Cable modem

Wifi router

Your computer

If you have a wireless printer reboot after WiFi router and before your computer!

Good luck!

Thank you for all your suggestions; I will try them the next time it happens, and let you know how it worked out.

It happened this morn when I was speaking to a tech who was helping me with my printer setup, so I powered off the router, the computer, waited, powered it back on, and I was back in business.  Wow! you saved me once again.  Thanks to all of you!!!!

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