What Kind Of World Are We Living In?

... when a local house of worship feels the need to alert the congregation to evacuation and lock down procedures in place in the event of an attempted attack?  Thank you to the congregation president who is likely reading this for taking these proactive steps.  I truly wish they will prove to be unnecessary and hope they will not discourage worshipers from attending services in person.  

As one of the ushers at my church I was recently invited to intend an active shooter situation training session. It was offered by the Essex County Prosecutor and the DHS to houses of worship throughout the county, and there are grants available to houses of worship for security related items.

I was unable to attend, but I know some of the other ushers attended. 

It was dismaying to get that email back in May.  I don’t know what we would do .... the church is open during services (pretty much all morning on Sunday), but that’s not something we would ever change.

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