What is this weed???

How about this?  I know I have poison ivy in this area, but I’m horrible at identifying it.

First one looks like cat briar, the second, English ivy.

The second photo also has honeysuckle in addition to the English ivy.

yahooyahoo said:

Porcelain Berry

Birds absolutely love porcelain berry, which is why it spreads so fast. They eat the berries and deposit the seeds in all places. 

If you need any help identifying poison ivy, let me know. I consider myself an expert in seeing it. I can also help eradicate it, if you don't mind a little herbicide--it's the only weed I will use it on, and interestingly, it's native to NJ. Should we just let it be?

Download "seek" on your phone. Open it and photograph plants and animals.  It will identify same.

Poison ivy? If so, it will be the first time in my life I correctly identified it!

Yes, Heynj. the above photo is definitely poison ivy.  Three leaves that may have a red tinge in the spring.  And like karen marlowe I do recommend using poison spray on it.  It is the only plant that I recommend using poison spray since it can spread by roots and simply cutting or pulling it up does not stop it.  Birds can also carry berries, so it pops up in many unexpected places.  All the other weeds I simply cut down.  Sometimes there are very large patches of poison ivy growing up trees or on the sides of buildings.  Best to control it as soon as you see it.  Do not touch wilted or dead leaves since they still have the oil in them that causes an itchy rash.  Let the leaves gradually disintegrate.  If the leaves are in a high person contact area, use heavy gloves without letting your skin touch the leaves and put them in a plastic bag and into the garbage.  Do not burn them.  

The other above photos are not poison ivy.  

Also, if you think you were in contact with poison ivy, washing with dish soap right after can help wash away the oils  (Foaming Dawn Platinum seems to wash away oils the best -- it's used to wash wildlife that were in oil spills. My spouse hasn't gotten a poison ivy rash in years since using the foaming Dawn after any gardening or hiking activities).  

And if you have walked through a patch of PI, be aware shoes/shoelaces can carry the PI oils for a very very long time afterward, and transfer it to you!

I got excited seeing this… is this the real deal? 

It is a marijuana/hemp plant.  You can sample it and let us know if it is industrial grade hemp or recreational.

Formerlyjerseyjack said:


I use "PictureThis" app.

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