Welcome to Kitten Season 2017 edition

Last year's thread started off great and then morphed into a sad and demoralized place but I'm hoping for better luck this year.  I picked up these two little fellows from the rescue yesterday.  They kept me hopping pretty much every 2-1/2 hours last night demanding to be fed, but I think I finally filled their bottomless pits of hunger because I had to wake them up three times today to be fed.  They were born around St. Patrick's Day (umbilical cords still attached, eyes still closed, ears still folded over) so we named them Fergal and Killian. I've got a good feeling.

Wish you better luck than last year. Fingers crossed for these little ones...

Pure sweetness in that pic.

So far, so good. They are sleeping through the night. In fact I have to wake them up for feeding, and then it's a struggle to get them to settled down. I find if they are swaddled in a blanket they pipe down fairly quickly. Not sure if it's because they're the first of the season, or because they're just so darn cute, but THEY ARE SO DARN CUTE! Fergal's eyes started to open today, way ahead of schedule. I wasn't expecting it for another week.

Post the crazy cute black and white please!

We are looking to adopt a kitten. When will these be ready for rehoming?

Jbrohrs - they were born March 17 so bigben will probably be adopting them out around May 17 or later.

Sorry to report Killian did not survive. He was fine Friday afternoon but suddenly stopped eating. I brought him to the vet Saturday and we tried a few things but I knew it was a very, very long shot.

Fergal is back at the rescue now. I'm getting three new victims, er, fosters this afternoon.

Jbrohs, most rescues adopt at 8 weeks but this rescue often goes a bit longer because she will not adopt an animal that hasnt been fixed. This happens anywhere between 8 to 12 weeks. That said, the rescue has the most adorable five week old kittens. Here's some shots of a most adorable female tux.

My daughter and I are interested in fostering kittens. Where would we find out more about it and if it might be possible? TIA

mmh said:

My daughter and I are interested in fostering kittens. Where would we find out more about it and if it might be possible? TIA

Check your messages.

The three new kittens I got yesterday were again a little above my pay grade so I swapped them out for an easier bunch for whom our main duty is to make them social. My family is having a lot of fun with these three chubby girls and their equally chubby orange brother.

They had been living in a large cage at the rescue so this morning when I let them out to explore, they were tearing around as if on wheels. The tortoiseshell on the far left is the smallest but the bravest and friendliest. The one closest to the camera (with that orange patch) brings to mind a kitten that went to an MOL poster a few years ago. I isolated the tux from the others today because she was giving me attitude. After an hour she was purring contentedly on my lap.

So sorry about Killian. LOL

This group is adorable.

They're learning to do stairs!

Oh, no. More sad news. You are one-of-a-kind. You're killing me with these pics. You know how I feel about what you do. I could never do this.

So adorable - thanks for sharing kitten photos on this dark and dreary day.

 rolleyes  rolleyes  rolleyes  rolleyes 

Such gorgeous photos!

Dirty faces. Only the red one knows how to clean himself so far.

Love their dirty little faces! rolleyes

Just wanted to post an update to let you know all kittens are thriving and having fun. Here's a photo I took of one this morning.

And here's the brother. The other two were play fighting in the sunlight and the sun/shadows didn't let me get a good picture. I saw the little tux raptly looking at bottom of our front door today and when I went over to her, I heard the anxious cries of a kitten. This little guy had gotten stuck in the space between the storm door and the front door when I went out to put something on our front porch.

Although these aren't kittens, I started fostering these two 5-year-olds Friday night. Their owner was forced to move and could only bring three of her five animals. These two were her Sophie's Choice. If nobody stepped up, their next stop was euthanasia. The rescue for whom I foster agreed to take them once I offered my recently-vacated third floor as their space. The red is Bear, a medium-hair fellow with a big bushy tail. Still freaked out at the change in venue but was described as "a mush", so I'll see how long it takes for him to warm up to us. The green-eyed tux is Athena, a female who is incredibly friendly and sits with us on the bed when we visit and sleeps with whichever of us heads up there for the night. They are fully vetted: tested, up-to-date with shots, lived with another cat and two dogs, and had a flea-preventative applied. If you know of anyone who might want a cat or two, please let me know!

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