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I understand Johnson and Johnson is now being given at Sears. Nevertheless, if you already have a 2 date appointment will the Moderna  or the Pfizer vaccine be used at Sears? All vaccines seem fine. Just wondering. I have my appointment Saturday.

I believe moderna vaccine appointments are handled in the morning and j & j appointments are in the afternoon.

My question is - Is Moderna or Pfizer used at Sears?

If in doubt, phone the call center and ask.  It is my understanding that if you have received one dose of the vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna) you should receive the same type of vaccine for the second dose.  Your vaccine record card will indicate which vaccine you received for the first dose.  If this will be your first dose, then you can receive any of the three types of vaccine approved for emergency use.  I don't think you are being offered a choice in that case.

A family member just got a 12:30pm Moderna appointment for this Friday so I'm not sure when afternoon starts (?)  I would be curious to know if there is a marked preference being shown (i.e. which appointments are filling up first) now that there is a choice at the county sites.  I have already had my first one three weeks ago before they started getting J&J shipments, but I think I might have chosen that if it had been offered (i.e. "one and done".) But I know some people seem to prefer Moderna and Pfizer over J&J.  (Pfizer is not available at the Essex County sites from everything I've heard but it must be available in the area because I do hear of people getting it.)

Thank you everyone. I was just curious because the type of vaccine isn’t mentioned on the appointment print-out.I am sure all are fine.

Looks like they are opening for ages 16+ on April 19!

galileo said:

My question is - Is Moderna or Pfizer used at Sears?

 moderna in essex cty

pfizer at sears in morris

What does Essex county plan to do for 16-18-year-olds starting April 19th?

16-17 year olds are eligible to go outside essex county (some places).  The mega sites take people from any county.  Edison/Rockaway/Bergen aren't that far but a problem for low income people without transportation (ie can't afford uber).  Some other sites take from any county.

is any place in Essex using pfizer?

I believe that some of the pharmacies have the Pfizer vaccine.

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