The road to the Reservation from SO closed


Tried to go to dog park about 45 minutes ago.  About 20 yards in, cones set up blocking the road.  Weather related I guess.  Unfortunately,  Echo Lake is a muddy mess but no other choices close by.


If you're talking about Crest Drive off of South Orange Ave into the loop, then it might be due to the monster pothole.  I hit that going through the res the other day, the water in the hole disguised how deep it was, I was seriously concerned about damage to my frame from hitting that.  And it is not even a real street, so I wasn't going at normal roadway speeds, which is good because otherwise the damage would have been severe.


I've been victimized by that pothole several times but it could have been coned off without closing the whole road.  Nobody was working on it though maybe they were preparing.   


A bridge is needed over that "pothole" (which feeds the stream that runs thru Washington Park and under St.Lawrence yards, dividing Orange from Springfield,  later feeding the East Branch of the Rahway just east of the Library).    


Is it still closed?


I was there at 1ish and it was open.  


Does anyone know which entrances are plowed/open?


Enter on foot at the top of Claremont Ave Maplewood.  Follow a paved path to the steps that lead to Crest at Bear Lane.


Thanks. I've been waiting since March to get in.

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