Understanding the results from the Ukraine referendum

I've been really trying to get in depth info on the referendum.  I cannot find any number except for the totals and percentages.

Is there any breakdown by town?  How many voted in Moscow?

Were any Ukrainians who had to flee to other countries able to vote?

I know a lot of the "international observers" were RT and Sputnik contributors.

Probably the best overview I have found is the wiki on it here:


There's hardly any other similar context for such referendums in history - last one would the one in Crimea, but other then that - wiki references one in Poland in 1946 and one in Austria in 1938.

The referendum was conducted by the Central Election Commission - here's the wiki on them:


Any links to broken down voter data would be great

10 days later - can anyone find detailed numbers broken down by town - or anything?

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