The Downing of MH17 - guilty verdicts

The judges ruled that it was a deliberate action to bring down a plane, even though the three found guilty had intended to shoot down a military not a civilian aircraft.

  • Igor Girkin, the military leader of the so-called Donetsk People's Republic, was convicted of deploying the missile and seeking Russian help
  • Sergei Dubinsky was found to have ordered and overseen the transport of the Buk missile launcher
  • Leonid Kharchenko was found to have overseen the Buk, acting on Dubinsky's instructions.

Oleg Pulatov was the only one of the four accused to have legal representation at the trial. The judges acquitted him, although they found he knew about the missile.

jamie said:

And here was RT immediately blaming Ukraine:

of course! You know I was about to say that just for kicks and giggles.,, and you posted this! The Russians would never admit to technical error or unprovoked error. It’s always someone else’s fault. 

With our new single-person silent drones, these guys will never feel at east outdoors. Only a matter of time.

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