Supporting Hillary by Canvassing

I posted the below on my Facebook page but I realized this is and has been my first and main page for saying what's on my mind. Feel free to contact me via however you know me or via this message board for more information. Thanks for reading!

What's on my mind you ask? This ELECTION is on my mind and what I and
others can do to help. Here's what I'm going to do (besides the $ I
already donated and my brief mention on the WFAN radio to Evan Roberts
about how he should be voting for her): I am going down to Philadelphia
in 2 weeks to canvass for Hillary and then plan on going back on
Election Day. CANVASSING IS CRUCIAL! I have detailed information to
provide anyone on how to sign up to do this and even have the
information on how to get down there via caravan or bus. Please message
or email me and I'll forward the organizer's name to you. And, no, you
don't have to donate money to do this as some people think. You have the
time? She needs you; we need you. I'm with her and she happens to be
the most qualified person in my lifetime to actually run for this
office. Edited to say that my information for transportation to
Philadelphia is for people living in the suburban Essex County area.

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