Sanders / Cummings Bill to lower drug prices

Sen Sanders and Rep Cummings plan to introduce bills to lower drug prices"

The Sanders and Cummings bill would peg U.S. prescription drug prices to the median price from five countries - Canada, Britain, France, Germany and Japan - where drug costs are typically far lower because of government price controls.

The bill would also allow the U.S. Secretary for Health and Human Services (HHS) to negotiate prices in Medicare Part D, a program that helps Medicare beneficiaries pay for self-administered medicines like those purchased at drugstores.

The proposal would also end a ban that keeps Americans from buying medicines at lower prices from Canada and other countries.

Will this pass Congress? Will our president, who claims he wants lower drug prices, sign the bill? Will our supposedly for the people liberal senators, Booker and Menendez, again vote to keep drug prices high at the behest of of big pharma?

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