Russia. Ecuador. Cuba. FSB. Asange. Snowden. ???

So lately I've taken to Twitter...bigly. I've been following journalists like David Farenthold (WaPo) and Eric Garland. They seem to have a beeline into what is going on with excellent analysis.

Anyhoo, here is something that Garland just posted. I don't know where to post this, but sh*t, this sucks. Snowden not a whistleblower- actually was working for assange. Is this real?

Also what I've been reading says that McConnell is just feigning outrage. They've got a regular committee with on-going looking into the Russian spying/hacking, but he hasn't called for a full on investigation at the level of say, Hillary's emails or benghazi hearings. Are all these guys just in it up to their eyeballs? I've had it, and also so depressed about all the swamp appointments. LIke Oops. Perry for Energy Dept?

I need a sedagive*.

*Young Frankenstein

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