Putin Watch

There's been so many rumors about his health - this one seems to take it to the next level:


Perhaps we can keep track of latest public appearances? 

Today was a video recording:


But overall - it appears that he's had a fairly busy schedule.  A bit slouchy yesterday.

Probably staying away from windows. 

Maybe I should change the title to "Weekend at Vlad's".  He does look pretty propped up in the above pic.

This is a fun story. It reminds of when Dr. Harold Bornstein said Trump would "be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency" and that "his physical strength and stamina are extraordinary."


In April, Putin’s spokesman Peskov again rejected the body double claims, saying, “you have probably heard that he [Putin] has very many doubles who work instead of him while he sits in a bunker.”

Calling it “yet another lie,” Peskov said, in comments published by TASS, that “as a matter of fact, he has always been and is mega-active. We can hardly keep up with him - those who work with him. His energy is enviable and one can only wish to be as healthy as he is,” Peskov said.

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