Maplewood Huddle #2

During the first few weeks of February, 15 of us gathered together and we began to transform the energy we saw at the Women’s Marches into local action. We discussed local politics, how we could influence NJ Swing District #7, and everyone contributed ideas and solutions. This Huddle will be to review what excitement has occurred since the last Huddle, discuss this years June primaries, Nov. elections, the Climate March, and more. Our Huddle will be a positive, inclusive, and action-oriented local meeting where marchers and allies can gather together to discuss and share what the heck is going on. If there is a large interest in this Huddle, then we might move to a larger place in Maplewood. RSVP at:, go to Action #2 and put in your zip code. Click on Maplewood Huddle #2 to rsvp.

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