Remembering 911

Remembering those who died when the planes hit, those who died as a result of the work they did on the WTC site after the planes hit, and those on the WTC Health Registry who are still dealing with health issues as result of their exposure to the toxic materials released when the towers collapsed.  Thinking of the many of us in the community who are still dealing with the loss of friends and family members and those who are still dealing with memories of having been in or near the WTC towers on that day.

There are two 911 memorials in Maplewood, one at the train station in memory of the two Maplewood residents who died that day and one by the Hilton Library which contains a piece of the WTC.  If you have a chance, consider stopping by one or both of these memorials today.

Remembering the day it flashed across my TV screen. Disbelief was my first reaction followed by heartbreak. I always thought my home town was invincible. I had worked in the WTC and had taken great joy when King Kong was in front of the building preparing for the movie.

A mix of joyful and sad memories.

In memory of those who lost their lives.

Jamie:  Thank you so much for posting the above links starting with 2008.  I wish we could still revisit the original threads from the day the planes hit and the events/reactions that followed.  They really captured how our community reacted to 911 from the harrowing story of one poster's experience escaping the WTC to another posters description of how we could help the families of those who could not make it out to another poster's eulogy for a close friend who did not make it that day and so much more. 

I made my pilgrimage today walking first to the tree at the train station and then to the memorial at the Hilton Branch library.  I hope others will do the same.

Unfortunately- we don't have messages from then - at the time we actually created a new emergency category:

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