Red Cross Blood Donation Drive

from Bob Roe:   The Red Cross will be holding a blood donation drive at the Woodland, 60 Woodland Road, on Friday August 9 from 2pm until 7pm.   Blood supplies get low during the summer, so now is the time to donate. Being older in age does not disqualify you.   I am in reasonably good health, age 69, and I was able to donate on July 4.

I know there are many medical professionals on MOL.  So, I am starting a list of reasons that blood donations are needed.   Please add to this if you can:    sickle cell crisis, leukemia, acute anemia, trauma, surgery, gastric ulcer, cancers such as leukemia, immunoglobulin to prevent infections such as measles and hepatitis-A, clotting factor deficiency, chronic kidney disease.    

from Bob Roe:   Bump.    No takers on the many needs and uses of donated blood yet, so I will start adding more soon.  

While older age by itself is not a factor in whether a person is physically able to donate blood, there is an extensive list of medical conditions and circumstances some of which may be age-related  under which a person may not donate blood.  A listing of the most prevalent disqualifiers may help  potential donors know whether or not they will be able to donate prior to their going to a donation site only to be rejected.

from Bob Roe:   The list of reasons for being unable to donate blood is very long and the questionaire is long.    Items such as certain recent vaccinations, illnesses, tattoo within a year and some but not all types of medications.  "Blood thinner"  medications can be a cause to not being able to donate.  If you are not sure, call 1-800-RED Cross.

I am hopeful that in not too many years that the epidemiology and science and sociology will change so that gay men with otherwise good health records can donate.  

Bump:  This Friday at the Woodland 2pm to 7pm.  Please can help save a life.     

Bump.  for today Friday August 9.

from Bob Roe:  (Friday night)   Thanks to all the thirty plus who donated.  I will update next week with final numbers.  The sober truth is we in the USA need people to donate blood.  There is no high tech computerized digital method.   If you can not donate now, find another blood donation site.  There are lots of them.  I think the Library is doing a donation drive this fall.  

Yes blood is sorely needed and yet an entire group is not allowed to give out of pure bigotry.  

The science is not going to change - a diseased gay man is no more contaminated than a diseased straight man, or any woman for that matter. 

If they’re worried about that then TEST THE BLOOD COLLECTED whatever the source!!!

Lives are being lost due to pure unthinking hate...

from Bob Roe:  The Maplewood Library is holding a blood donation drive in November.  Please help if you can.

RobertRoe said:

from Bob Roe:  The Maplewood Library is holding a blood donation drive in November.  Please help if you can.

 I’m a regular blood  doner locally and elsewhere -

I just can’t comprehend the hate that rejects healthy lifesaving blood  when it’s so sorely needed - it breaks my heart

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