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Gas or battery? Walk behind or self propelled? We have a very small yard. What do you use?

If you choose gas I have two that I don't use anymore each with a couple of seasons on them . 1. Self propelled Toro speed is ajustable with two bags $125.00 2. LawnBoy push yourself $75.00 . The handles fold on both . Also have weed trimmers and leaf blowers .

We have a small flat yard and have been very happy with this Black and Decker battery powered mower.

Since my husband and I share lawn cutting duties, I love the fact that I don't have to deal with gasoline and I find it easy to start, push and maneuver. We bought it 6 years ago and had to replace the battery last year after 5 years. It does not give quite as good a cut as our neighbor's gas mower but it works for us and I am not terribly fussy about our yard. But I also don't want to be "that" house on the block that all the neighbors are whispering about over fences.

Been delighted with this. We have a smallish yard too. It always works, no gas, no oil, cuts like a dream and your neighbors won't care if you are mowing at 8 AM Sunday. They also make a clippings catcher for it but clippings are good for your grass.

Also, 2 years in, we haven't had to sharpen it yet.

Back when I did my own yard work I bought all Greenworks stuff. I'd say it a good example of what not to get. I have their Trimmer, edger, blower, clipper and the mower below. In hindsight I would definitely have gone gas. The cord is a nuisance and even though I got the highest rated one of each they were all underpowered. Everything held up well in terms of durability except the mower. The steep angle of my yard snapped the wheel of the first two and caused the third to bend. If you do you electric and corded make sure your brakers are rated well above the mower you are using.

Like Lanky I use a reel mower, the one made by Fiskars. We have a half acre and I do the whole thing with it. It's completely enjoyable. I'm always confused by people who think it will take longer than a regular mower...I mean you walk as fast as you walk. It's not strenuous, unless you choose to run behind it (I have, when rushing). Contrary to what you'll hear, you don't need to go over the grass more than once. We also haven't had to sharpen blades...3 years in.

I use a reel mower, too. Most of the yards in town are so tiny, it's hard to see why anything more is necessary. I bought it when we moved in five years ago and needed to spend money on other things, figuring I could upgrade later if needed. I don't need to upgrade.

We have a small flat area of grass in our otherwise wooded yard and we used a reel mower for the first years. We tried out a variety of lawn services and then about 5 years ago we switched back to doing it ourselves. We bought an electric mower and LOVED it. It's called a Neuton.

It is quiet, light and our teens could use it but we have switched back to a lawn service because we need help in a bunch of other areas. (I posted our Neuton mower for sale last winter on MOL Classified but it never sold. I guess timing is everything grin PM me if interested.)

I use a Scott's reel mower and am happy with not having to fuel up, but it's shoddily made and frankly doesn't do a very good job on the weedy grasses which I have to clip with my hedge clippers. Still worth it to me though because it's less a chore to not have to deal with noise or extension cord. But if the Fiskars truly does such a good job I'm going to give it a look.

I have used reel and battery. No need for a gas mower in our towns. The yards are too small.

I use an excellent Brill reel mower that I've had sharpened twice in seven years. Only drawback is that you can't let the grass get too long. I use an electric string trimmer for edging sometimes.

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