Random landscapes

12:05 pm, Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

Bamboo Brook Farm

Stokes State Forest. top photo, looking into Pennsylvania

Me, today, at the summit of Mt. Eve…..sorry, Jenny Jump State Park.

it felt like Mt.E. at the end of the hike.Total elevation gain by the end of the hike, 1,120 ft.

flower is Columbine.  Horizon photo, Delaware Water Gap in  background, 20 miles away.

Philadelphia, tour of outdoor murals and Magic Garden museum…

city hall.

My favorite south Jersey billboard.

the guy has a sense of humor.

Swamp weeds. From deep into the Great Swamp.

Cass W.V State Park, scenic railroad. The railroad went to a lumber logging area on top of Bald Mtn., second highest mountain in W.V.

This is a three day trip I recommend. The town consists of a couple of buildings that were owned by the time=ber company. Workers' houses are now rented out to tourists. Two houses for two nights, 3 bedrooms per house.$780. with 10 % senior discount. 

7 hours drive time. Train ride is from 12:00 to 4:30.

Park has music and other festivals throughout the year. W.V. state parks are excellent values.

Word on the street (grandkid input) is that it was an awesome trip…

Washington’s Crossing bridge as seen from Bald Pate Mountain, Hopewell.

Frenchtown Preserve, looking into Pennsylvania 

Deep Cut Gardens, Middletown NJ. 

Owned and designed by Vito Genovese in the 1950 as a weekend retreat for his family.

worth the trip.

Delaware River … Stockton,  NJ 

looking into Pennsylvania 

Delaware River - Pennsylvania, looking into NJ.

mostly, Delaware Water Gap

Triple Falls, Kauai 2011


Skyline Drive, Virginia… and the horse farm I stayed at.

Beautiful!  Did you ride?

Scully said:

Beautiful!  Did you ride?

No. I don't know how that went south.

Morning fog In the Delaware Valley.

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