Problems with Google drive on my Android phone

I set up a folder with approx. 100 photos, which I need to be able to access when I am in the greenhouse.  I uploaded this folder to my Google drive.

I can open the folder from my phone, but I can only open 4-5 of the photos (and it won't show me icons for the remainder).


When you open the folder, does it show all of the photos, though they might not have an icon?

What happens if you access the google drive from your computer? Do you see everything?

On my computer I see all the files.  And, I can open any one of them, by clicking on the icon.

On my phone, there are 4-5 open photos only (can't see the remaining 90+).

I think I have solved it.  

I turned ON the 'Grid View', and now I can see all the files.

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