Our dog Toby has been found

Toby has been found and is home.

He's about 17 pounds. A little skittish. 

YAY!!  Good to hear!  Where was he?

Hooray!  If I were a dog I would want to live in South Orange. 

We live right on a ravine with a stream at the bottom. It's a real effort to get down there.

He was at the bottom all curled up in a sunny spot.

That is one adorable little dog.  Can only imagine what you were going through.  Thank goodness you found him.  Congrats!!!

I'm so glad that adorable pooch was found safe and sound!

Yell at him, so he doesn't do it again.

Maybe reflect ‘found’ in title? cheese

Glad for the very good news!

Aww. He is so cute. Thought I saw this posted either on FB or Next Door. And heard he was back home. Happy for him.

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