Mayo ?

I have a recipe that mostly uses supermarket mayonnaise.  I’d like to change the consistency from a spread to a thick, but pourable, sauce.  How can I do this, (easily) without breaking/separating?  hold together in storage?


if you emulsify it in a blender it will stay longer than if t was just shaken, but it will still separate eventually. I'm not quite sure if that answers your question though.

Depending on the flavor you are going for, you can thin mayo with lemon juice, vinegar (rice vinegar is less pucker-inducing), dairy like plain yogurt or sour cream or milk, or water. (My family's ancient cole slaw recipe has a dressing that contains most of these ingredients, no measurements given.) It hasn't broken, in my experience. P.S. Homemade mayo is not difficult to make and the flavor is exponentially better than Hellman's (which I love).

How long do you want to keep it in the fridge?

If no more than 4-7 days, you can mix in some creme fraiche (available at Trader Joe).

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