Lost Sound???

Left my laptop for a biobreak, and came back to one of my cats sitting on the keyboard.

  • Keyboard was frozen.  That came back after a reboot.
  • Sound has disappeared, and has not come back after reboot.  I have tried both settings:
    • Speakers/Headphones (Realtek Audio)
    • 22CV1Q (Intel(R) Display Audio)

I conduct Zoom meetings a couple of times a month, so need help getting my sound back.

what's the laptop make and model?

Have you checked the volume and mute settings - checked from the speaker icon in the system tray? (sorry - have to ask. grin )

Have you checked both through the speakers and a headphone?

I'm curious why you have two sound devices.

Some things to try in the following order.  

Do you see a sound control icon on the bar at the bottom the screen (or where ever this bar appears?  Is there an "x" or other symbol there indicating the sound is muted?  If so, unmute.  

Open your volume control.  Try raising the volume.  Perhaps your volume was set too low by the cat when the cat jumped on your key board.  

Right click on the sound icon.  Do you see an option for trouble shooting/running a diagnostic?  Select that option.  Computer may be able to identify the problem and make a self repair.

Dell Inspiron 15, 3000 Series

There is sound both in laptop, and the remote monitor I use.

I have checked the settings (34%), and there is no 'X' over the icon.

I did run trouble shooting, but got no results.  Just tried it again; it didn't report anything, but suddenly it flashed a 'you need to reboot for changes to take effect'.  After this (3rd or 4th) reboot, sound suddenly came back.  I have no idea what was changed/corrected.

Anyway, thanks for input.

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