Linking Google Drive to Web Site

It is fairly cumbersome to edit photos on my website (hosted by Yola).  And, with my total photo library (about 50K), I obviously do not want to post everything 

I save photos of select orchid flowers to one folder, and copy them to a Google Drive.  This allows me easy access to these photos from my phone.

I would like to make these select photos visible on my web site also.  Can I link the Google Drive (and if so, how?), or is this a bad/risky idea?

That was the good news.  Now, I am trying to understand what they saying in that link.  It appears 'Greek' to me.  

Can anyone translate into plain words for someone who is electronically challenged?

you have to alter the html code on one of the pages of your web site. Have you ever done that?

I use Yola to host.  

It has a very simple format, where I drop in 'widgets' and then either type text, or insert photos or PDFs into the widgets.

I have never tried to change the HTML

Looking at Yola's various plans, it looks like you can only alter the HTML if you have the Silver or Gold plans. Which have you got?

If you want to give it a shot, I can try and walk you through it.

The first step would be to create a new web page, call it GooglePhotos or something. Don't put anything on the page though.

no, actually it might be easier than that.

Looks like Yola has an HTML widget that you can add to your web page. I think all you need to do is add the widget, then insert the code as described in

Use either the List View example, or the Grid View example.

Before you do that, you have to find the FOLDER-ID of your google drive folder. It's explained in the above link, but I repeat it below:


Q: What is a folder ID (FOLDER-ID) and how can I get it?

A: Go to Google Drive >> open the folder >> look at its URL in the address bar of your browser. For example:

Folder URL:

Folder ID:


The sample code in the List or Grid View has the string "FOLDER-ID" in it.. You have to replace FOLDER-ID with the value you get from the folder URL as described above.

I realize this might be a lot of gobbledy-**** so don't be shy about asking questions.

If I was doing this, I'd do it as follows:

1. open notepad or wordpad or word (some kind of editor)

2. go to

3. Copy and paste the example code from the List View example into notepad

4. Open your google drive folder, and copy and paste the FOLDER-ID from the URL into notepad, replacing the string FOLDER-ID that's already there. If your folder URL is

Then your folder id is the string at the end of the url: 0B1iqp0kGPjWsNDg5NWFlZjEtN2IwZC00NmZiLWE3MjktYTE2ZjZjNTZiMDY2

i.e. After doing step 3, you'll have a long string of characters in notepad, part of which is this:


You need to replace FOLDER-ID with the value you got from step 4, so that it looks like this:


Your value will be different , of course.

5. Go to and do whatever you need to do to update the web-page that you want to put the google-drive into.

6. Insert the HTML widget into your web-page

7. This should open up a window that allows you to insert the HTML for the HTML widget.

8. Copy and paste the text that's in notepad into that window.

9. Save your update.

10. See if it works.

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