Lawn Moss - Can We Talk??

In an effort to divert our household's attention from the news, we're reaching out for advice on how others manage the grass-crowding-out moss in their lawns. We're not alone...many lawns around us have the same issue. Over the years we've scattered bag upon bag of lime on our front & back lawns to try and impact the soil pH. We get our exercise each year with a hand de-thatcher rake we use to manually scrape up thatch and moss, then sprinkle new seeds on the liberated soil. But...EVERY year there is more moss!!  

Who has figured this out and can share their secret to a half decent lawn that got that way without chemicals? Should we start with a soil sample and try and address the pH issue first? Is re-sodding a good option, and what's it cost around here?

Pretend you’re doing it on purpose for environmental reasons and your friends and neighbors will be impressed with your dedication 

It’s actually a thing, look up “stepables.”  People pay a lot to replace grass with moss and other low growing green things that don’t need to be mowed 

We just let the moss grow unless it’s in a flower or vegetable garden. It’s low maintenance and apparently it’s very “in.”

And you don't have to mow it.

If moss is winning out over turf: is the plot receiving sufficient sun?

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