Landscaper reco (Not mow & blow)

I am looking for a landscaping consultation and some work done on a small property. I have some heavy work to do that I am not able to do myself and I would like design guidance too.

Any good recommendations? Also how much is this likely to set me back ... for design consultation, for work such as re-sodding, planting shrubs, that level of work. Any thoughts welcome as I have never engaged this type of pro before.

In case it matters I am inclined towards low maintenance perennials and native species where possible. Open to plants other than grass rather than re-sodding if it works in the area needing it.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this.

I'm going to bump this and ask in a different way.

  • If you had some heavy gardening to do - such as taking out shrubs and putting different ones in - what kind of professional would you go to for help with this? I've been googling in vain and have no idea where to even start looking for this kind of work, what search terms to put in, etc. I need it done but am physically unable to do it myself. 
  • My other question is about help with the esthetics of a garden. I don't know a lot about plants and how to design a garden that looks nice and is reasonably easy to maintain, deer resistant, as well as being ideally ecologically sustainable. I've tried to read up but I find myself more confused than enlightened. I know that there are pros who do this sort of thing - I have a cousin who used to do this (retired now, lives in a different part of the country, and anyway I was never close to him). I just don't know how to find this kind of help or even what search terms to use.

When I try to put in landscape design, I get masons or people who seem to specialize in putting patios etc. I don't need that kind of work, I just need help with plants.

Again, any thoughts would be most appreciated!

Possible search terms:  "gardener"  "landscape architect"

I worked with O'Boyle in Bloomfield.  They did a good job that included design, plantings, and removal of old stuff.  

Might look into Scalora Brothers in South Orange. I used them years ago for a relatively small design/plant project and was pleased. They also put  in a very attractive retaining wall. A friend used them recently for a smaller project. I have no idea about pricing now but thought they did good work in all the aspects of the job they did at my house.

Thank you all! I've put in some queries and hopefully will hear something back.

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