It is Time to Prune the Roses

The forsythia is blooming, so it is time to prune the roses now.  

Ideally they should be cut back to several (3-5) canes, each 12-18" long and showing several new breaks.

At the same time, apply fertilizer & any systemic treatment you care to give them.

What if I jumped the gun and pruned them about 2 weeks ago?

You can take it easy this Sunday.

Actually, I have not really looked at mine to see how far along the new shoots are, but the Forsythia rule is a good average.

There was something rattling in my head about seeing a post saying prune the roses now, glad I found it, looks like super timely! Bumping this thread so others can take note too. Thanks tomcat for the advice. 

I don't have roses. Can I prune something else?

You can always prune your hedges…

…or somebody’s hedges. 

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