iPhone cracked screen repair

Looking for suggestions for a place to get an iPhone screen repaired. Local is preferable, but open to NYC suggestions as well. Thanks!

I think I saw a sign at Staples, that they offer that type of repairs.

The place in Westfield The Device Shop does excellent, quick work. I’ve used other places and their repair is by far much higher quality.

There is a branch of UBreakIFix in Millburn they replaced a battery for me and were quick and good. 

How old is the phone ?  If you intend to keep it for a while, I would suggest just go to the Apple Store or any Apple approved places to get the screen replaced.  Yes, it's more expensive but.....(see below)...

You can use non-Apple approved places, but you will lose further hardware support from Apple if something else goes wrong down the road.  Apple will not work on any iPhone if any non-Apple part has been put in, including the battery.


This spot is on South Orange Ave at Valley.  I’ve never used them but others who have say they’re pretty good.

Thanks for the recs. Was a refurbished SE, so secondhand (and with a cheaper screen it turns out). Ended up going with a rec from the local (West Orange) FB group, guy named Dennis Quiros, who did it for $40 (including picking up the phone and returning it!)

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