Help Identifying WiFi Password Needed - Problem Solved, Thanks Jamie

Computer novice here. I just purchased a new tablet and  would like to connect it to my home WIFI so I can complete set up and start using it.  I understand that the password for the WIFI is to be found on my Verizon-supplied router.  However, I don't know which string of letters and numbers is the needed password and I am afraid of being locked out of the device (Apple) if I enter the wrong string of symbols.  The strings are labeled "log in password", "WPA2key", "WPS pin", "WAN MAC", "curl us", and "FCC ID." There is also a bar code with a string of symbols underneath.  Can anyone tell me which of these is the Wi-Fi password?  The correct answer or means of locating the correct answer would be deeply appreciated.  TIA.

it’s the wep-key on one fios router I’m familiar with.  So I would try the wpa2key

I also don’t think it will lock u out as easily if you type in the wrong password 

Thank you.  Trying it now.

ETA:  It worked.  Thank you so much!!!

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