Happy Pandemic Holidays from The Secret Garden @377

Hi all,

At least we have this serene space to enjoy and work in!

All pics are by neighbors and are from 2020.  Some day I hope we can host Open Houses again to invite you over!

I believe this to be one of the oldest rooftop gardens in North America. 1955 Designed by the legendary conifer guy William T. Gotelli from South Orange.

Restored by Ron Carter 2009-2020.

You are looking at the one acre roof of our building's parking garage. grass panel is about 4 feet deep. Areas with larger trees are about 6 feet deep.

Vicki restored all the azaleas from 12 foot monsters after we beat back a massive case of barkscale.

Some of the ilex were touching the windows in the second floor apartments.

Hand pruning!

Happy Pandemic Holidays!


21_HPT_Garden-Calendar pdf.pdf

Just gorgeous, Ron.  Thanks for sharing, & happy hols/new year!

Same here. A scroll is the next best thing to a stroll, and it was delightful. Thanks.

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