Need a handyman to get my stuck garage door open.  Last time I closed it I heard a bad sound and now it won't budge.  It's an old garage we have neglected, and we probably need a new one, but for now someone needs to get it open.

Sounds like a spring broke.  Without the spring, it's just really heavy.

Thanks.  I should probably get a reference for a garage builder at this point

You were right, the spring detached making the door very heavy.  We got it open.  It doesn't look all that complicated to reattach spring to cable that goes round pulley if you know what you're doing but I don't and would rather have someone else do it, though I generally like going on Youtube for tutorials on modest DIY projects. 

Good luck.  There are a couple of garage door companies, too, but this should be a handyman thing.  A name I see on Facebook is Barry Kraut.

I'm not sure if you're still looking, but just in case anyone else pulls this thread up ij future, a friend of ours has a handyman service, who helped work on our panto productions. His name is Gordon Brown (not the former UK Prime Minister), and here's his info: https://www.gmbhandymanservices.com/

Try Hector at 862 220 8572. Best handyman ever.

I've used Hector also - good guy.  

For the garage door repair, I found a company in Springfield that was very responsive and communicative.  But man was it more expensive than I thought it would be (but it could be in normal price range for all I know).  I may call one of the above recommended guys to do repair work on the garage, wood rot etc.

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