Free live local demonstration of Rose rosette disease

This tour is self-guided only.

Right in the heart of Maplewood village. Open 24 hours daily.

Featuring fine florid examples of the feared “witches’  broom”; suitable for Halloween viewing.

Directions: Proceed to Village Trattoria on Inwood Pl.   Across the street is the large parking lot belonging to the former Maplewood Bank and Trust Co. Currently a BOA.  Walk to the planting island between the entrance and exit driveways. Right along the sidewalk.

There you will find several mature roses. I believe they may be all of the same variety, first available commercially in the US in 2000.  All infected; the index case in this grouping likely predates 2019.

Ours have been infected for 5 years.  Mostly Knockouts but some heirlooms as well.  Our arborist said they would fizzle and over 5 years stop blooming.

This summer has been the best since they were infected.  They don't grow quite as tall and do bloom less but...

They also look less "infected."

Ron Carter

The Secret Garden @ 377

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