Easy and foolproof homemade mayonnaise

I came across this recipe for mayo using a handheld blender. It worked perfectly, no drizzling involved, no egg separation necessary, and was much easier than hauling out the food processor.

I first tried the recipe as written, and while the mayo came out perfectly, consistency wise, the taste was not to my liking, so I made it again, leaving out the mustard and , especially, the lemon juice, which I found way too intrusive. Added cider vinegar in place of the lemon. The second batch was excellent, and provides a base recipe that you can then add flavorings to.

If you like mayo (and who doesn't? are you not an American!???!!) give it a shot.

p.s. has anyone tried the new Heinz mayonnaise? Not sure if it's for sale here yet, but I bought a jar while I was in Michigan. Have yet to open it. Want to see how it compares to Hellman's.

eta: here's the link to the recipe

Would you add the specific recipe, please?  Or a link?  TIA.

 of course

(I think I meant to do that)

drummerboy said:

If you like mayo (and who doesn't? are you not an American!???!!) .

It's a known fact that Lincoln loved mayonnaise. 


The Whole 30 cookbook has a perfect, easy mayo. I make it right in a mason jar with a handheld blender. I use avocado oil as it has no strong flavor and was Whole30 compliant.

I love homemade mayo, but never know how to use it all before it goes bad.  Also, what's the deal with the raw egg?  I thought we were not supposed to eat those.

I'd say a week in the fridge is the max. As for raw egg safety, the risk is pretty low, but if you really want to get confused, google raw egg safety and read some random links.

Mayonnaise is a marvel.  Eat a bowl of raw shredded cabbage?  No thanks.  Put mayo on it?  Yum!!

I've always considered mayo its own food group.

My fave mayo combos:

1. Cabbage+mayo

2. Eggs

3. Tomatoes, Bacon, lettuce (altho i don't eat meat anymore)

4. Cold leftover roast beef on white bread (same lament as above).

5. Cold pasta and chopped veggies.

6. Provolone cheese+lettuce+onion+kaiser roll

Not in any paricular order.

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