A) For some years I,ve visited a website 2-4 times annu@lly.  I usually use my desktop puter since there are reminders +password pasted on my monitor.  Last night I logged on using this tablet.  This was the first time the url line was marked “Not secure”.  Why would this suddenly happen?

B) What’s the difference between email, texting and chatting/instant messages?


probably this explains A

The latest version of the Google Chrome browser, version 68, introduced a new “Not Secure” warning in the

address bar that appears anytime you are visiting an insecure web page.

The warning refers to the lack of security for the connection to that page. It’s alerting you that information sent and received with that page is unprotected and it could potentially be stolen, read, or modified by attackers, hackers, and entities with access to internet infrastructure, such as Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and governments.

This “Not Secure” warning appears on all pages using the HTTP protocol, which is incapable of providing a secure connection. Historically, this has been the primary protocol used for internet communication.

Over the last few years, websites have been transitioning to HTTPS—note the S appended to the end—which does provide security and is used by millions of websites including Google.com, Facebook.com, and Amazon.com, to protect your information while browsing, logging in, and making purchases.

The “Not Secure” warning does not indicate that your computer or the site you are visiting is affected by malware. It only serves to alert you that you do not have a secure connection with that page. Note that some websites may only support secure HTTPS connections on some pages, but not all; in these cases you may see the “Not Secure” warning on only the insecure pages.

the HTTP and HTTPS above refers to what is at the beginning of the url.

here's part of your B question's answer

and finally for email, I would say that the main differences are the complexity and durability of email messages as compared to texts and IM's - at the expense of immediacy, though emails can be pretty fast most times these days.

the other difference is that email software gives you very many more choices for managing your messages. e.g. being able to use folders for organization, setting up rules for automatic organization, powerful searching tools, etc.

Also, email software is more geared towards using a PC, whereas texts and IM's are geared to using a smaller device like a phone.

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