Dermatologist- Skin cancer check

Looking for a good local dermatologist for basic skin cancer check. My previous one missed something very obvious for a doctor (so I have been told).  Thank you. 

Brian Machler MD in Florham Park on Columbia Pike, 1 block before the Trader Joe's

I went to Dr. Badalamenti some years ago b/c I had a birthmark that seemed to be changing.  She biopsied it and also gave me a full skin cancer check.  She was very thorough and had a great bedside manner.  Highly recommend.  

jamie said:

I liked  Dr. Michael Ehrenreich, Soma Skin & Laser 90 Millburn Ave Ste 206

I just saw him for the first time (my earlier doctor no longer accepts my insurance) and I really liked him a lot! Very thorough. Would definitely recommend. Edited to say thanks jamie!!

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