Craig’s list ??

I have several things I’d like to sell.  My thought is Craig’s list, but I’ve never done so.   Any first hand experience, especially as a seller, would be helpful and greatly appreciated. This may be an only time use; depending on experience.

A) how to set up an acct?   Fees?

B) how does CL get paid?  How much?

C) what questions should I have asked, but missed?


you arrange private pay with CL, there are many scams....unless you are planning to ship items, better to list things locally on this site and other local sites....some areas have 'garage sale' facebook pages for example.

if you plan to ship, ebay is better than CL even if it costs more...less likely to be scammed

I had an overabundance of bird cages at one time.  The shipper was from China and told me the error was theirs and to keep what they had sent me.

I sold 6 bird cages in one weekend with no trouble at all.  A few amusing incidents but that is an aside.

Another time I donated barely used equipment from a rehab in one day.

I believe Craigs List is free except for possibly real estate and motor vehicles.

An accompanying photo helps

A neighbor set everything up for me so I cannot contribute much more


If you are selling a more expensive item, expect to get more scam responses than a less expensive item. Craigslist has a page outlining how to avoid some of the more popular scams.

Years ago I sold a sailboat (sailfish). Posted lots of pictures and a complete description. We haggled a wee bit online and then the buyer showed up with cash and I helped her tie it to her van roof. No problem. Was easy to do the listing and CL requires nothing. I also deleted the post as soon as it sold.

I have also bought two items from different sellers (a church pew and a china cabinet) in both case we haggled a wee bit online and then I showed up with cash and they each helped me load the items into my van. No problems.

I've mostly had good luck on Craigslist, but I think that if you have higher priced items, you attract the scammers. I was trying to sell a high-end piece of furniture and got freaked out by people telling me they were sending money to my PayPal, etc., sight unseen (but I think maybe they'd seen my email address). I ended up changing the email on all my $ accounts, which was maybe unnecessary, but that couch is still sitting in my house.

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