Color Label Printer for Small Business

Any help appreciated

Looking for a full color label printer.. need some help as prices go from $190 to 2000.  Some printers have great reviews and people hate them, some the opposite.

I'm thinking that these days, any decent ink jet printer can print labels just fine. They all support Avery labels, which should cover pretty much anything you need.

What specifically are you looking to do?

What might be more important is the software you use to create the labels. It's actually the software that supports label creation, not the printer. Though some printers might come with their own software.

thanks- I am looking to create a professional looking 'waterproof' label for my cookies-biscotti that are can be a one, 10 or 42 off.  I can't wait for a commercial printer and want to be able to duplicate or change labels as needed.  

The laser printers will still require me to cut the avery label as it may not fit the bag or bottle

I'm no expert on label printers, so take this with a grain of salt, but Avery (and other manufacturers) produce a really wide variety of label sizes. I would think that you could find appropriately sized labels if you look hard enough. If size is an issue, buying a dedicated label printer might be more restrictive than using Avery labels.

Anyway, this might be useful reading

What size labels are you looking to produce?

You can get a variety of colors (background & imprint) for Brother P-Touch printers, in sizes up to 1" width (it will print as long as you need).  

For example, for certain orchid displays, I print labels with gold lettering on black background.  These labels ae self-adhesive, and water proof (I use 1/2" labels on plant tags in the greenhouse, so far they have lasted 4-5 years).  With the P-Touch software, you select the font, font size and number of lines.

Even if hiring a commercial printer to create the labels doesn’t fit your time frame, it might be worth talking to a professional and picking his or her brain. Even places like Staples and UPS do high quality printing jobs these days, and staff there might be willing to spend a couple of minutes answering your questions. 

I need a 2x3 or 2x3.5 label-all color.

I want to be able print 1 or 50

I have spoken and reached out to multiple printer people I have used, unfortunately they say they don't know anything about those printers~

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