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We have three Chromebooks in the house, two for my kids, which they are using for school, and one for me.  As of January 1, 2021, Chromebooks are no longer using Google Cloudprint for wireless printing.  This weekend, I tried to set up our Chromebooks to print over our network, only to discover that Chrome does not support our printer.  (The Chromebook finds the printer on the network, but it doesn't have the driver to actually print anything.). Canon doesn't offer a driver for Chrome (or LINUX) for my model (Canon Pixma ix6820), and plugging the printer in via a USB cable hasn't helped, either.  Does anyone have any ideas, short of buying a new printer?  The printer prints just fine over the network with our other (non-Chromebook) devices.

I did a little research for you, and found nothing good:

That printer does not have firmware to support the basic IPP Internet Print Protocol. The PDFs that exist are for Linux and are much too large to use. What Cloud Print did is have the computers create pdf format jobs, send them to Google and them use a Linux CUPS print server which sent the job back to the users' printer in a protocol (language) it could support.

Unless Canon decides to push out new firrmware this month, you and I will need to buy different printers.

After a lot of research found that very few Canon printers support IPP, but nearly every Epson printer made in the past decade does. So do many HP printers. These have embedded web servers which in MP models can scan to email or cloud storage.

At one time Canon offered those functions through Canon Print services. My mx922 had them. Canon discontinued them before 2015 - took them off the menus with a pushed firmware update.

Thanks, @FilmCarp, for your research and information (although "No thanks" to Google for putting us in this position).  I guess I should start researching a new printer.  We can get by with printing to PDF and transferring that document to another computer to print, but that will get old FAST!

See if this helps: 

I have been printing from Chromebooks to HP printers for over a decade but eliminating Google Cloud print still allows one to print via WIFI.

Unfortunately, I think the gist of that article is summed up in this statement:

Also, if you have an HP printer, you can simply buy a USB type-A to B cable from your local Best Buy (Just ask for a printer cable) and plug it in to print! Other brands may work as well, but in my experience, only HP does.

Canon is one of the brands that doesn't really work.  A few Canon models do, but not the one I own.

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