Any recommendations for microwave purchase and installation ?

Can anyone recommend where to go to replace an over-the-stovetop MICROWAVE oven? All these years we've gone to tried-and-true Sears for purchasing and installation....sort of "one stop shopping". We need a particular size and I realize that "installation" with our existing cabinetry is a bit cumbersome.

Where to go to nowadays to purchase these kitchen appliances (now that Sears is no longer an option) and whom to contact for installation ? Are there any "one stop shopping" places like Sears anymore?

When I renovated my kitchen a couple of years ago I got an LG brand above-range at PC Richards. (I went to the one in Hanover on RT 10 because I hate Rt 22). They do have installation "packages" but I have no idea about their details in that regard. 

I've personally installed 3 of them including once by myself for my Mother's condo which was really precarious and difficult because of the awkward positioning of the weight. It's really a two man job. 

BTW: If your present one vents to the outside they may have to open-up the unit on-site to switch the fan position inside (not a big deal) so that it blows out the back instead of straight-up which is usually the factory set position. Make sure your cabinet opening will allow for the new one! -(I once had to remove decorative molding for a friend that had been installed after his old microwave was put in and the new installers refused to deal with that).  

PS: When I bought the last one it happened to be for a "4th of July Sale" so you might inquire about that. Also, personally, I never buy "extended warranties" because I've always been both cheap and lucky. I hope all that helps. Happy hunting. 

Oh, also forgot to mention, -when the day of installation comes make sure to empty the cabinet above where the unit will go. They will need to access that.

We've bought recent microwaves at Best Buy and been reasonably happy with service and selection.  We did not have them installed by Best Buy, so i don't know if they do that.  However, PC Richard has a great reputation on MOL.

Unlike steel, we usually pay the small extra for extended warranty and have used it once or twice.  I'd rather give them the $25 or whatever than be completely aggravated if we happen to get a dud. 

(Google seems to say that BB does install, but it's $140?)

i know someone that went to a few mom and pop appliance stores and was very happy with one in Westfield (for a wall AC)--Elm Appliance

Installation is usually not terribly difficult - as long a the cabinet is designed to hold such an appliance.

In a recent case I replaced the hood over a stove.  The old hood had a different 'footprint', and the cabinet had been modified to accept that - forcing me to modify it once more.


We love our under the counter microwave...

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