Wesley's Tech Support

Category: Computer Services - Electronic Repairs - Information Technology
Website: http://wesleystechsupport.com
Address: 25 Oberlin Street, Maplewood, NJ, USA
Contact Phone: (908) 472-9508

Hi! I'm Wesley, a sophomore at Columbia High School.

I can repair computers, setup devices, and more! I specialize in home and office tech, happy to set up new tech, speed up old tech, or repair broken tech!

Think of all the hours you've wasted on hold, or the hours you've wasted trying to decipher the manual of that crazy new printer! Let me do all of that, while you can focus on more important things!

I have yet to see anyone beat my price of $20/hr! In contrast, my competitors in the area can charge anywhere from $80-$100



I'm very versatile, and will be happy to do whatever you ask. Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling - 

Computer Clean Up
If your computer has seen better days, I'll be able to clean and speed it up! Computers accumulate viruses, malware, and other nasties over time. Don't worry, I can easily get rid of all of it!

Computer Repair
Sometimes, things break! If your computer won't turn on, has a broken screen, or other damage, I can fix that!

Device Setup
Got a new computer? Printer? Speaker? TV? I can set that up for you!

Setting Up Office/Business Tech 

Upgrading your office to the 21st century? Do you need a computer to connect to a printer to connect to a router to connect to a vacuum cleaner? I can set up synchronized home & office tech to make all of your devices work seamlessly together. And of course, any system I set up will be well-protected by security protocols!